The most important step that marks the complete journey of life is the “First step”- the beginning. We are in complete accordance with the fact that every child has his unique individuality and demands attention. Taking account of this we cater to the needs of the novices by imparting education that focuses on providing a comforting atmosphere that makes learning a desire rather than compulsion.

Emphasis is also laid on the co- curricular activities which promote the physical well being of the students as well as inculcate in them social skills which largely frame the personality of an individual.

The concept of worksheets also works in the direction of making the teaching learning process more productive. The concept of ‘ skill learning’ is promoted. We firmly believe that every child is a gem and we have to polish and carve the gem such that its luster brightens up the whole world.


Education in the true sense of the word, is a continuous process. Education , has to be ‘universal’ in order to furnish an individual with the confidence to carve a niche for himself. St Edward’s ensembles all aspects of education. The time table has been framed such that physical education, value education, music and dance, art and craft, reading and writing and environmental education form an integral part of our system. We believe in shaping the raw minds into mature and responsible human beings as ‘what one does reflects who he is.’ Character building and instilling moral values in the students plays an indispensable role and St Edward’s boasts of incorporating these as an important part of the curriculum.


We offer Science and Commerce streams in the Senior School. These are the formative years where a student sets a goal for himself and aspires to achieve the best. This aspect is dealt with prudence and each student’s vision is given the right direction.


St. Edward’s believes in the uniqueness of every child and lays emphasis on building the self esteem. The idea is to realize that every child is gifted and is important. Children are given to us as seeds, its up to us to nurture them with love and care so they may blossom into beautiful flowers that spread their fragrance wherever they go. We strongly believe in understanding the need for personal attention to every child . We integrate our teaching methodology in order to cater to individual needs. Education in the true sense is that which is complete in spirit and deed. ‘Learning by doing’ is our forte while taking into account the need to make education desirable for the students. Activity based teaching wherein the students are actively involved is our approach towards making teaching –learning, a holistic process . Brain storming, analysis, experiments, creativity, logical thinking, reasoning, developing a scientific temper and a spirit of enquiry - these are strategies that are student centered.

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