The best way to begin striving with the day’s challenges is to invoke the blessings of the Lord. The school endeavours to transform mass consciousness to one of peace and harmony through meditation that allows children to get in intimate touch with the innermost core of their being. To know that they have more power than they have ever realized, to know that they can influence what is happening in their body, mind, in their emotions, as well as in the world that they create everyday." The students read out thoughts to ponder over, articles that help them to introspect and the news is read to keep them updated with the contemporary world. The National Anthem is sung daily in order to foster the spirit of respect for the nation.


Students spend a considerable time in school and classrooms are their cocoon where they seek warmth and comfort. They say ‘School is the second home of the students.’ St. Edward’s stand true to the adage and facilitates the students with the basic comforts that expedite the learning process. The classrooms are airy and spacious and welcome the morning rays so the ambience is bright and lively. Display boards are provided in every class room in order to put on exhibition the artistic skill of the students as well as the charts brought into use as teaching aids. They also display important information that may be of concern for the students. The students feel comfortable and thus the classrooms buzz with interactive teaching -learning sessions. St Edward’s is indeed ‘home away from home’ for its students.


In order to develop the scientific temper and the power of reasoning in students and to give them a first hand knowledge of what they learn theoretically, the school facilitates the students with well equipped laboratories that provide the students with a practical knowledge of facts when they see for themselves the concepts of Geometry, the reactions in Chemistry, the topographical aspects of Geography and the concepts of Science come true. The students conduct experiments in the supervision and guidance of teachers and draw inferences and conclusions and this ‘learning by doing’ is the real essence of assimilating knowledge and also retaining it.


The physical well being of a student is an imperative aspect of all the round development of his personality. “A sound mind rests in a sound body” and the energy and vigor in the students needs the right outlet. Sports not just make the students physically strong but also equip them with mental strength. A well equipped sports room houses all the required sports gear and the school boasts of a vast playground that witnesses countless feats via the exhibition of sportsmanship and the determination to win. The zeal to compete with one’s own self, to improve one’s own performance, consistency, esprit de corps , sportsmanship and leadership quality- these are some of the attributes associated with sports. The school also boasts of a basketball court and the school basketball team works unrelentingly under the supervision of the coach to exhibit its potential to the fullest. The school cricket team houses the best sportsmen who have brought laurels to the school and continue to strive towards excellence.

Football matches are also conducted and inter school tournaments are held to foster team spirit and solidarity.

Besides this, the students can also test their physical and mental strength through the indoor games like carom, table tennis and badminton.


The Bharat Scouts and Guides Program has been re- introduced in St.Edward’s . Scouting is taught through the scout method which is in turn an informal educational system that involves activities in the outdoor. The aim of the program is to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development so that they may play constructive role in the society. This program has been re- introduced on the initiation of the principal Rev. Father John Bosco and under the able guidance of Ms. Shanta Seth, State Secretary and Training Commissioner Guides (H.P.).The scouts took oath on 8th October , 2009.


Music is relaxation of the senses. It is like an oasis in the desert. The boredom finds life in music and dance provides the much needed catharsis to the soul. The music and dance classes rejuvenate and refresh the child so he gets ready to face the challenges of the day.


Vocational tours and excursions are a means of imparting practical knowledge to the students and also acquainting them with the vivid and composite constitution of the cosmos. Every year such trips and excursions to places of historical interest are organized to familiarize the students with our rich heritage and the glorious past and also acquaint them with the progress being made in the present.


The school auditorium is an arena for activities like debates, declamation, quiz programs, seminars, annual concerts etc. All these activities groom the talent of the students


There is an urgent need for computer literacy to keep pace with the ever progressing world. Information technology has become inextricably interwoven with the day to day life of an individual that it becomes rather imperative to match up with the changing demands of time. The school has a computer lab that provides a practical approach to the theoretical knowledge being imparted in class. The lab fulfills all requisites of computer education as prescribed by the CBSE guidelines and the students are taken to the labs during the practical periods so as to stand by the method of ‘learning by doing.’


The school library is a medium of instilling the inclination in students to read and imbibe. Vocabulary and comprehension go hand in hand in the making of an educated and cognizant persona. The school library is fully equipped with 10 Periodicals, 5 Dailies, 20 Magazines and approximately 10,000 books, 2500 text books, literature of all genres that provides the students with an insight into the outside world and also gives them the power to discern facts and fiction. The computerization of the library is a step towards its rejuvenation. The records are updated and meticulously maintained.

The students are provided with a wide variety of literature to choose from. From story books to references and from facts to fiction , from journals to newspapers, the library houses a multiplicity of texts. It also furnishes material that may be of help to make a decision regarding the various career options available for the students.


Art is an expression of the deepest thoughts of a child. It gives form to a child’s imagination and brings out the creativity and the innovation that a child treasures in his heart. The paint brush gives color to thoughts and wings to imagination. A child’s mind is always inquisitive and he tries to put forward unspoken feelings in his creation. Socially Useful Productive Work, is a means to fabricate the unwoven threads of creativity. It gives the students the artistic know- how and also promotes sanguinity as they take pleasure in giving form to their dreams. The art activities include coloring, painting, clay modeling, finger printing, potato printing, paper craft in 3-D , making masks, puppets etc.

The students are encouraged to participate in competitions that bring forth their creativity and let their thoughts soar high. Their paintings and artistry is displayed to boost up their morale and to promote the talent of others.

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