The students have been allotted their respective houses and so there are four houses- St. Mark’s House, St. Luke’s House, St. Matthew’s House and St. John’s House. The concept of allotting houses is to kindle in the students dedication and commitment in all their endeavours. It also instills a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity. The various house activities are evident of the devotion and zest the students have for their houses.

In order to acquaint the students with their social and moral obligations and to make them aware of their duties and responsibility towards the community at large, the school runs various clubs that provide a platform to the students to build up their confidence and promote self –esteem. It also fosters the spirit of compassion and inculcates reverence for work. The students can exercise their choice in accordance with their interest to be a part of any of the following clubs:-

SPORTS CLUB : We organize shooting classes, karate, wushu and gymnastics. Students also participate in tournaments held at the District, State and National levels and prove their mettle.

CULTURAL CLUB : The students learn Indian and western dance forms as well as instrumental music.

SCIENCE AND MATHS CLUB : The students exercise their analytical approach to understand the fundamentals of the subjects.

LITERARY CLUB : Students acquire confidence and combat stage fear through participation in plays (Hindi and English) , debates, elocution etc.

COMPUTER CLUB : Students learn the basics of computers and also keep themselves updated with the latest innovations.

ECO CLUB : As per the guidelines issued by the CBSE the school runs an eco- club that organizes excursions and nature trails in order to make the students responsive to the need for quick and judicious action to save the environment.

YOGA : The club focuses on realizing the true strength of the body and mind and also empowers the students to feel one with God by exercising a control over their body and mind.

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