Bishop's Message

I wish St. Edward’s School Management, Staff and Students God’s blessings and all the very best as it has been a source of bringing the past and present students of the school Living and working all over the world through its Website

This means of communication, which has come into effect by the handwork of human beings to keep the entire world as one global village, may bring more and more students and working class into its fold for spreading the positive values of peace, love justice, truth, brotherhood, tolerance, etc.,. Thus build up a better and progressive human society.

As the world today is kept on the fast track through scientific and technological advancements and discoveries, rarely there comes an occasion where the present and the past meet each other. St. Edward’s School by introducing its own website has bridged this gap and brings its ex-students and the present pupils together and also provides lots of information regarding the school, its management, up-dated issues and many other School-related matters to its pupils.

May God, Who is the source and origin of communication, inspire the entire School management, staff and students to make use of this God-given opportunity for others welfare, for the growth of society and finally, but most importantly for God’s glory.

My prayerful felicitations and God’s blessing on all of you.

[Bishop Ignatius L. Mascarenhas]

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